Seattle Neighborhood Group Landlord Training Workshops

Supporting landlords in acquiring and maintaining the broad skill set needed for crime free housing is the goal of our Landlord Training Project. SNG offers workshops for property owners and managers that give them the information and tools needed to create and maintain safe rental housing. All workshops are offered at very low cost, and cover important skills including:

  • effective screening techniques to obtain good tenants
  • learning how to handle evictions properly
  • recognizing warning signs of criminal behavior on your property
  • using CPTED to make changes to the property
  • helping renters participate in the community
Landlord workshop participants
Landlords and Property Managers attend SNG workshop to sharpen skills on making rental property safe and keeping it crime free.

Participating in the workshops gives you the opportunity to talk with professionals in the field, getting direct answers to your questions. It also includes the comprehensive SNG Landlord Handbook.

Here is a sample agenda we use for the workshop, and here is the SNG Landlord Handbook table of contents.

Our workshop presenters are specialists from agencies including Seattle Police Department, Seattle Housing Authority, Seattle Neighborhood Group, local non-profit legal services, and successful landlords.

The next landlord training date is July 20th, 2017. Please register if you are interested. For more information, download the flyer. Our workshops are open to anyone, and are offered at a very low cost of $40. Included in the workshop fee is a Landlord Manual and refreshments. Sign up for a workshop here.

  • Over 90% of our workshop participants made changes in how they were managing their properties.
  • Over 90% of our participants tell us that they have improved their ability to screen tenants, recognize drug activity, and handle evictions.
  • Prevention skills we teach in the workshop were reported to be the most valuable skills participants came away with.

Here is a detailed brochure about the Landlord Training Workshop.

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