Seattle Neighborhood Group offers Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel lock

Seattle Neighborhood Group teams up with the Seattle Police Department to offer a steering wheel lock vehicle anti-theft device to Seattle residents at reduced cost.

The steering wheel lock is easy to use, and provides a great deterrent against auto theft. Seattle vehicle theft has declined dramatically in the last few years, but it is still a high volume crime that affects theft victims in a direct and costly way.

We offer the device in two sizes, one for automobiles and another for trucks and SUVs.

This offer is limited to Washington addresses.
This club adjusts to steering wheels up to 16" in diameter and the cost per device is $27.00. A $2 discount is offered when you make the purchase online. If you are interested in purchasing a steering wheel lock at the SNG office, please call ahead. Final price also includes Shipping & Handling and 9.5% Washington Sales Tax.

Ordering the steering wheel lock:

Click here to order online using PayPal and receive a $2 discount. Or you can order by mail - click here to download the order form.


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