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VietNamese Resource Fair in Southeast Seattle 2009
Vietnamese Resource Fair sponsored by SNG & partner agencies.

Seattle Neighborhood Group supports many projects in Southeast Seattle neighborhoods. We work with many different community groups to sponsor community resource fairs, celebrations, clean-ups, youth events, and crime prevention training and outreach to neighbors and businesses throughout the area. Our goal is to help connect those living and working in the area to each other, and to increase safety in the neighborhoods by connecting people to their local community police.

Current SNG Projects in this neighborhood
SNG partners with Othello Park Alliance and Seattle Parks & Recreation to host the Othello Park International Music and Arts Festival at Othello Park; located one block east of the Othello Park Central Link Station on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. The Festival features live music, food, and fun for all ages; plus a surprise guest – Stanley the camel!

A few years ago, SNG collaborated with the Dakota Associates, Senior Housing Assistance Group and Salaam Urban Village Association to organize the first Rainier Court Block Celebration and Resource Fair for the residents of The Dakota and Courtland Place. The event helped increase community spirit and connected residents to community services and public safety education. This year, SNG looks forward to working with our partners to coordinate another successful block celebration; in addition to crafting a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) report for The Dakota to increase its safety and apartment security programs.

With support from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Housing Authority, SNG and the residents of South Short Court Apartments and Villa Park Homes will host a Back to School Night Out Celebration for youth and families in late September. The event will provide attendees with school supplies, crime prevention tools, and access to social and commercial services in the Rainier Beach neighborhood.

In past years, SNG has collaborated with Seattle Police Department, the King County’s Prosecutor’s Office, the Seattle City Attorney Office and the community to develop and implement the first Drug Market Initiative (DMI) for the South Seattle Community of Columbia City. The DMI is an innovative strategy designed to reduce or eliminate overt street drug dealing in Seattle’s residential neighborhoods, and was well received by Columbia City business owners and residents. During the “community call-in,” SNG connected low risk sellers to resources in the community and encouraged them to positively change their lives.

Throughout the year, SNG works with partner agencies in Southeast, Southwest and Central Seattle to support the Mayor's anti-violence initiative focused on youth. The Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative gathers the resources of three neighborhoods to achieve two goals: a fifty percent reduction in juvenile violent crime referrals in the three neighborhoods, and a fifty percent reduction in suspensions/expulsions due to violent incidents in five selected middle schools. Existing community based organizations—which SYVPI has re-envisioned as Neighborhood Networks—lead the Initiative and serve as the hubs for connecting youth at risk of violence with needed support. The Networks provide ongoing engagement and follow up to ensure that the youth they serve are truly receiving or connected to the resources that they need.

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Resources for Residents
Many resources are available to Southeast Seattle residents, visitors, and business owners to keep neighborhoods safe and strong. Here are some of our favorites:

    map of southeast precinct seattleDownload a Map of the Southeast Precinct.

    SNG Resources

    SNG brings many resources aside from our staff expertise in organizing groups and events:

    Partner Agencies

    Asian Counseling & Referral Service
    Boys & Girls Club of King County
    Columbia City Business Association
    Consejo Counseling & Referral
    Detective Cookie’s Chess Club
    Horn of Africa Services
    Othello Park Alliance
    Rainier Beach Empowerment Coalition
    Rainier Beach Merchants Association
    Rainier Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Salaam Urban Village Association
    Seattle Department of Neighborhood
    Senior Housing Assistance Group
    Seattle Housing Authority
    Seattle Human Services Department
    Seattle Parks & Recreation
    Seattle Police Department
    Southeast Effective Development
    The 2100 Building
    Totem Star Records
    Vietnamese Community Leadership Institute
    Vietnamese Friendship Association

    If you are looking for information about activities and organizations in the Southeast Seattle area, and cannot find it on our website, or our partner links, please contact us via email, or by phone at (206) 323-9666.

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