Central Area, First Hill, and Capitol Hill

Seattle Neighborhood Group supports many projects in Seatte's Central Area and Broadway–Pike/Pine district. We also work with many different community groups to help connect those living and working in the area to each other, and to increase safety in the neighborhoods by connecting people to their local community police.

Community Event in East Precinct
Kids and SPD officers come together at a chess tournament sponsored by SNG & partner agencies.

Current SNG Projects in this neighborhood:

We have a long association with many groups in the Central Area doing community based crime prevention activities, neighborhood events, and helping to coordinate all kinds of projects. If you would like to know about current public safety and community building events in this area, please join our email list for the Central Area!

The GOTS program operates in the heart of the Central Area with partner POCAAN. GOTS helps people make the transition from living on the streets to stable housing and helps them develop skills to gain employment.

Drug Free Communities (DFC) is a grant project housed at Seattle Neighborhood Group in coordination with Seattle Public Schools. The DFC project focuses on drug use prevention strategies for youth and their families in middle and high schools in the East Precinct area.

We provide staff support to the First Hill/Capitol Hill Safety & Security Group, a coalition of major institutions who meet regularly to share safety information with each other and with Seattle Police command staff in the East Precinct. The group includes security directors from Swedish Medical Center, Group Health, Harborview Medical Center, Virginia Mason, Northwest Kidney Center, Seattle Central Community College, and Seattle University.

SNG's East African outreach project works in all of Seattle's neighborhoods to strengthen the ties of this large immigrant population to the communities where they live and work.

Seattle Neighborhood Group is working with partner agencies in Southeast, Southwest and Central Seattle to support the Mayor's new anti-violence initiative focused on youth. The Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative gathers the resources of three neighborhoods to achieve two goals: a fifty percent reduction in juvenile violent crime referrals in the three neighborhoods, and a fifty percent reduction in suspensions/expulsions due to violent incidents in five selected middle schools. Existing community based organizations—which SYVPI has re-envisioned as Neighborhood Networks—lead the Initiative and serve as the hubs for connecting youth at risk of violence with needed support. The Networks provide ongoing engagement and follow up to ensure that the youth they serve are truly receiving or connected to the resources that they need.

SNG is involved in supporting a new initiative, the Drug Market Initiative, focused on eliminating drug markets in the Central Area. Through this program, SNG partners with the Seattle City Attorney and Seattle Police Department in addressing the chronic drug dealing in the Central Area.

Resources for Residents

Many resources are available to East Precinct residents, visitors, and business owners to keep neighborhoods safe and strong. Here are some of our favorites:

map of east precinct seattleDownload a Map of the East Precinct

SNG Resources

SNG brings many resources aside from our staff expertise in organizing groups and events:

  • Our Crime Prevention Education Team works in immigrant, low-income, and senior communities to educate on personal safety, using 9-1-1, identity theft, and fraud.
  • CPTED site surveys for changing the physical safety of an area.
  • Take Action Workshops for working with nuisance properties in your neighborhood.
  • Landlord Workshops to help area landlords develop and maintain crime free property in our neighborhoods
  • SNG funds and maintains two drop-in sites in the Central Area for law enforcement so they can complete paperwork without having to travel out of their assigned sector. This helps keep more officers in the neighborhoods where they are needed most.
  • SNG provides meeting space for blockwatch and neighborhood safety groups in the Central Area.

Partner Groups

Squire Park Community Council
Colman Neighborhood Association
Garfield Community Council
Leschi Community Council
Central Neighborhood Association
Capitol Hill Community Council
Broadway BIA
Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce

If you are looking for information about activities and organizations in the East Precinct area, and cannot find it on our website, or our partner links, please contact us via email, or by phone at (206) 323-9666.

911 brochures in 12 languages Trespass Warning Sign Workshops Crime Prevention Education Team